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Will Our Pets Enjoy Heaven?

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Jessie, the sensitive and compassionate canine: Many pet lovers wonder if their pets will be in Heaven with them some day.  While some may interpret various aspects of the Bible to negate this possibility, if you dig deep in its pages, the Bible boasts many references about animals going to Heaven.

For instance, Genesis 1: 20-25 speaks to God’s creation of every living creature, from the waters to the lands to the skies above.  Man was given dominion over the fish, the birds, the catlle and all that creeps upon the earth. The book of Revelations indicates that Heaven will hold many things that were in the original creation.  To me, it just seems appropriate that animals are to be included in this equation.  And, if humans were given dominion over animals here on earth, wouldn’t it be rather presumptuous of us to think that this would not be the case in Heaven?

The book of Revelations notes that in Heaven, four living creatures surround the throne, one being a lion, another an ox, the third creature bearing the face of a man, and the fourth a flying eagle.

As a fun-loving, adorable, always-at-my-human’s side sort of dog, I would like to think that there is a special place in Heaven just for me.  Besides, after all of these years of putting up with that darned cat, Bo, I would think there should be a throne, a crown, and some jewels thrown in the mix, as well!  The things I do to keep the peace here on earth definitely demands some sort of reward as I pass through the pearly gates of Heaven one day.  Heck!  They just might even have a poop-scooping job for Bo up there.  Sounds good to me!

Remember all of the pets who have touched your life through the years.  We are all truly God’s creatures, and it just doesn’t get any better than that!

(Thanks to Metro Pet Mag of Kansas City – September 2010 edition  for this great information!)


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