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Why bark when I can write blogs?

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Bo here!   You know, I have always wondered why dogs have to engage in that annoying sound humans refer to as barking.  I don’t bark.  I dare not draw attention to  myself in such a demeaning manner.  I prefer to draw accolades from my good looks, overall charm, and feline prowess.

Jessie:  Hey, Bo!  News flash!  We dogs bark as a form of verbal communication.  Most humans are actually quite pleased that we do so, as we can alert them to something we want or need.

Bo:  I want for nothing.  And if I need it, I get it myself.

Jessie:  Well, if I may enlighten you a bit, barking serves a rather distinct function for a dog.  According to, if a dog learns that a certain bark gets him what he wants, such as a treat, he will use this talent to his benefit.  In fact, we are so talented in our vocal commands, that our humans can usually identify what we want by the distinct sound of each of our barks.  Bet you can’t do that , Bo!

Bo:  And why would I want to?

Jessie:  For example, we have a territorial bark.  If other dogs, animals, or people are approaching our turf, we use our bark to alarm them and to alert our humans.   Sometimes, we simply have what is referred to as alarm barking, when certain sights or sounds trigger that response in us.  At other times, we bark as a way to communicate we want to go out…or come back in.  My Yorkie-Poo buddy, Bolt, barks when he knows it is time for his daily walk.  It is an excited, “yippee!” kind of bark!

Bo:  (Yawning)  Meow.  I am going back to sleep.  Please do not awaken me with some distrurbing bark.  Just leave me a note or a paw print if you want something.  Barking is so last century, don’t you think?

Jessie:  Uh, know!  Barking is my main form of communication, and I will continue to use it all of my life.  I may even use it to tattle on you when Karen of Joy of Living Pet Sitters comes home, so you better sleep with one eye open, fine kitty.


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