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Why All the Fuss About Black Cats at Halloween?

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Marty Party, ready to kick it up a notch or two in honor of the upcoming Halloween festivities!  Hey!  While you are sitting there pondering what your Halloween costume might be this year (and may I suggest one in the form of an incredibly funny, good-looking, and engaging cat named Marty?), I did some digging the other day because I was interested in knowing why cats, especially black ones, are associated with Halloween. The devil made me do it! Well, cats have been associated as the devil’s pet for centuries.

As for how black cats became introduced to the Halloween scene, it all has to do with those scary witches.  When witches became associated with Halloweed centuries ago, the black cat sort of rode on the witches’ coat tails…or brooms, so to speak!  Cats are nocturnal creatures (yes, I do prefer napping all day!), and many believed that witches became cats at night. Plus, the way cats’ eyes glow in the dark tends to reflect an evil presence about them. (Don’t worry. I wear my sunglasses at night!) It’s all kind of creepy if you think about it, but let’s just keep it in good fun.  So, this year, I am introducing the black dog.  All I need is a can of black spray paint and that annoying dog, Jessie.  Maybe I will post photos later….after I have done my work! Shhhh….don’t tell our human, Karen!

Anyway, despite black cats being associated with Halloween and all things evil, no matter what the color of your cat (or dog!), be sure to keep them safe and happy this Halloween! After all, they do add so much Joy of Living to your life!

Thanks to for the background info on black cats.


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