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When You Check out a Rescue Group, They’ll Check You Out, Too!

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Jessie, the lovable and huggable dog: So now that you have decided to get a rescue dog, what should you expect from the rescue group?  When you visit a rescue, look around to make sure it is a clean facility and that the dogs appear to be fit, friendly, and healthy.  If it is a reputable group, the rescue should be more than willing to provide references, including a veterinarian and a few prior adopters.

Rescue dogs should be spayed or neutered, have their vaccinations up-to-date, and be as healthy as possible before you purchase them.

Reputable rescue groups strive to match each applicant with an appropriate dog.  They know which types of dogs enjoy being around kids, which ones can peacefully co-exist with other pets, which ones are high-energy, and which ones prefer to just laze around (that’s code for Bo, the cat blogger here!).

Be prepared for the rescue group to ask a lot of questions, as they cannot make a good match if they are not aware of your home environment.

Among the questions you might be asked include:

  • Why do you want this particular breed?
  • Do you have the time and energy to handle an energetic and lively dog?
  • Will the dog stay inside or outside?
  • Do you have children, and, if so, how old are they?
  • Do you have other pets?
  • Do you plan to take this pet to the veterinarian at least annually?

This is serious business!  The rescue group is not only looking out for your best interests, but for the best interests of the dogs, as well.

It can be an arduous process.  Some rescue groups may stop by the potential adopter’s home and assess the living conditions.  They will also notice how the dog you desire interacts with you.  If it is not a positive interaction, they will probably not allow for the adoption to go through.

There are a lot of variables, but getting a pet from a rescue group is such a great thing to do!  The one thing you need to have plenty of is love, patience, and, in Bo’s case, lots of cat nip! (And a good cat bed upon which to lie around and be, well, just plain lazy!  I am the one who does all the work around here!)

(Thanks to and its Dog Owner’s Guide for this great information!)



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