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When Spring Cleaning Has Gone to the Dogs!

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Jessie, the neat and clean dog:  I am so excited that spring is here!  I love the fresh, warm air; the calming breezes; and the smiling sun.  It does my heart good to celebrate in this glorious season. However, along with spring comes that dreaded spring cleaning ritual.  Sure, it makes us all feel good to get it done, but what a pain it can be.  Plus, with pets on hand and underfoot, we can add to your work load.  I tend to be rather neat and clean, but I have seen the work that my canine colleagues have done to their humans’ homes, so I am here to offer some tips to reduce that spring cleaning work load.

First, get rid of any and all house cats.  They are the worst offenders.

Bo, house cat extraordinaire:  I beg your pardon?  It seems to me that the DOGS bring in the most dirt and grime.  Cats are simply self-cleaning machines.

Jessie:  I was just kidding.  I only wanted to see if you were paying attention! So, back to business.  If you want to avoid muddy pawprints all over your clean floor this spring, teach your dog to stand at the door so you can wipe his paws before he comes in.  Be sure to use a soft, damp cloth…and remember to clean between the toes, too!  He could soon come to see this as some sort of paw massage or paw-dicure!

If you don’t want your muddy dog to roll all over your floor or your furniture while he is covered in mud, put slip covers on any furniture your dog is normally allowed to sit on.  Floor runners and mats can protect your carpets.

Many breeds of dogs shed all throughout the year.  It might become more obvious in the spring time as they begin to shed their winter coats.  To tackle this problem, brush your dog more frequently all of that fur gets stuck in the furniture or in the carpet.  You have enough work to do with pets….who needs dust bunnies?

Now is a good time to wash your dog’s bedding.  Use a commercial laundromat for the bigger beds.  Or, if you are lucky and you have a doggie bed with a removable cover, just stick that cover in your home washing machine.  It is best to use a non-scented detergent and do not use dryer sheets, as they can irritate your dog’s skin.

Those are my spring cleaning tips for the day!  I hope I have kick-started your week. (Looking around now…)  Speaking of kick-starting, where is that mangy cat?



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