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When Clean Can Be Toxic to Your Pets

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Jessie, the curious canine:   You humans just amaze me!  Every year at this time, something in you goes into overdrive, and you begin to clean in a frenzy and clear out the clutter.  You lovingly refer to it as “Spring Cleaning,” but not once do I see you throw out the cat in these attempts to dispose of the clutter!  However, I do want to point out to you faithful wardens of our domiciles, when you go into this mad, mad state of cleaning, please be aware that certain products you are using could be harmful, if not fatal, to your four-legged friends.  Sure, bleach and detergent can rid your home of those pesky bugs and viruses, but it can also rid your home of your pets.  If they get into these products, it can result in extreme illness or even death to them.  Please, just keep them away!

I know some of you are into the sweet, sweet smells of potpouri and their freshening oils.  They smell great, we agree, but they are extremely toxic to cats and dogs.  (And not to mention that we know of one 105-year-old lady who mistook a bowl of potpourri for trail mix….so think about your great-grandmas, too!)

Other harmful items to your pets include batteries, aluminum foil, moth balls, and cellophane candy wrappers…..don’t let your cat or dog choke on those!

In your garage, one of the biggest culprits is anti-freeze! This product contains ethylene glycol, and it can be tempting to your pet as it has a sweet taste.  Even just a couple of drops can kill your pet.  Purchase products that contain propylene glycol instead.

Well, that is my muse for the day.  Please be advised that these warnings do not give you license to abandon cleaning all together!  We do love a clean and inviting place in which to live…because it gives us something to dirty up again!

Have a great day!

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