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What’s In a Name? How to Name Your Dog

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Bo, the incredibly well-named cat: You know how it goes…you get a new puppy and you go over a long list of potential names for it.  You land upon the perfect name, and three months later, you wish you had called it something else.  (Trust me, I have called the dog in our house many names before, but I cannot list those in this forum, as this is a family-friendly blog, and I do not want to lose my job or my credibility.)  Do you know that in your dog’s lifetime, it will be called by its name over 30,000 times?  Better think twice about that perfect name, and here are some tips:

  • Embarrassing names are out of the question.  Do you want to hear yourself screaming “Stinky, come back!” as you chase your canine down the street after he has escaped once again!
  • Some dogs outgrow their names.  Sure, your precious little Buttercup is cute and cuddly as a pup, but when that Great Dane is fully grown, she may be the laughing stock of the neighborhood when you refer to her as such.
  • Keep the name short…one or two syllables max.  Dogs will learn it quickly and it will be easier to use when training.
  • Pick a name that matches its personality.  No need to call your dog Dash if he sits in one place all day.
  • Avoid the trendy names.  Do you know of anyone who has a dog named Disco?
  • Do not name your dog after Grandma Sadie or Uncle Stu.  They might take offense to that moniker.  (The dog might, too, depending on the relative!)
  • Ask your dog what he or she thinks!  Try the name on for size.  See how he or she responds.  (Funny, Jessie never responds to those other names I call her…wonder why?  I think they are fully appropriate.)
  • If you have adopted an older dog, it is best to keep the name it already has.  No need to confuse it.  If you have to change it, however, find a name that is similar to or rhymes with the old name.

After you have given your dog its new name, be sure to pile on the extra love and affection.  Those go well with any dog.

And, for an added benefit…if you have to go out of town and do not want to leave your dog isolated in some boarding situation, call the trusted pet sitting experts at Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services in Kansas City.  They want to know your dog by name.  They will treat him or her just like family, and when you are family, everyone knows your name.

Now, where did that little stink bomb go?  Oops, I mean Jessie.  I know that dog is around her somewhere.  I can smell her!

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