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What’s for Dinner? What to Feed Your Senior Dog!

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Jessie, the healthy dog: I do like to keep fit and in shape, always keeping a watchful eye on my girlish figure.  Now that I am a blogging celebrity, I have to look good in the spotlight!  I also try to make sure I get plenty of exercise to burn off unwanted fat and calories.  Even though I am not a puppy anymore, that does not give me license to run amok in the pantry and put on weight, lazing the days away.

If you have a senior dog, he may be experiencing those familiar signs of aging:  tired, achy joints, decreased energy levels, and bouts of arthritis.  As such, he is more apt to move around slowly, not burning the energy he once did as a younger dog.  Just because a dog has reached its golden years does not mean being overweight is acceptable.  Keeping your senior dog fit and at a healthy weight is a priority, otherwise, you could predispose him to diabetes or a host of other diseases.

Most senior dog diets are lower in calories, with lower protein and fat content and a higher fiber content.  Fiber is so essential in your dog’s diet, as it helps to prevent constipation.

If you reduce the quantity of the food you give your dog daily, he may still get hungry, so some folks opt to add content to the meal with low-fat, low-calorie, healthy vegetables such as green beans as filler.  Another good option is pumpkin, which has few calories but a good amount of fiber.

If you are considering adding supplements to your dog’s diet, be sure to consult your veterinarian first.  Some senior dogs with arthritis may do well with a supplement of chondroitin and glucosamine.  Some owners of senior dogs also swear by the use of anti-oxidants in their dog’s diets.

Whatever you do, don’t take your dog through the drive-through at your local fast food joint.  The only fun meal he needs is one full of nutrients, low in fat and calories, and full of love from you!

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