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What to do when your cat begs for table scraps!

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Marty here!  The new lovable cat in town!  This post is in memory of our beloved Bo, who was a super cat.  He could leap tall bushes in a single bound and lift cat toys off the floor with his own paws!  We sure do miss him!  He was the ultimate cat’s meow!

You know…whenever you think of feeding table scraps to a pet, most people think of dogs.  But what about cats?  Don’t we deserve a fun treat every now and again? I mean, we can only take so much cat nip, you know!  Bo had very refined tastes, but what about your average feline?  What’s appropriate to feed us from your dining room table?

Many pet owners offer food to their pets. It’s fun to share, right?  Most human foods, however are simply not good for cats, but some are fine in moderation.  Some cats do enjoy fresh melon, corn, and cooked broccoli.  However, steer clear of onions, chocolate, grapes, and raisins. And don’t go enjoying a mid-morning latte or hot tea with your cat, either.  Also avoid giving your cat fatty meats and anything spicy.  Those just spell tummy trouble….and you thought coughing up a fur ball was bad!

I also read in my research that you should not give your cat any alcoholic beverages.  Okay.  I had to pause long and hard on that one.  What nit-wit would ever do that in the first place?  Just my humble opinion, but if someone gives his cat (or dog!) alcohol, he has some serious problems of his own.  Whatever, dude.

While we cats do appreciate the table scraps you may give us that are appropriate, please just make sure we get our proper nutrition from a balanced diet recommended by your veterinarian.  We want to remain healthy and by your side for many years.  You may drink to that, but we won’t!

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