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What Is Unhealthy Weight Loss in Pets?

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Bolt, Yorkie-Poo guest blogger:  Well, I am on week three of my green bean diet.  Can’t say it’s all that exciting anymore, but I do think I look a bit trimmer.  Fortunately, the air is warming up and the snow is melting, so I have been able to get out and go for some walks with my human to fire up the calorie burn.  If I keep this up, I may get skinny again!  However, if you have a pet that loses too much weight, that can be cause for concern.

When a pet loses a lot of body fat and also shows signs of weakness, that is an unhealthy weight loss.  When a pet is slightly thin, however, that actually works to his favor, as those types of pets tend to live longer than their overweight counterparts.  However, unhealthy weight loss is a sign of being unwell.

Pets with dental disease may lose weight because it is painful for them to eat.  Further, the bacteria in their mouths can spread throughout the body, causing disease in the major organs.

If your pet contracts intestinal worms or heartworms, he will lose weight.  When they have intestinal worms, they are drained of all of their nutrients.  When a pet has heartworms, they lose energy as their hearts are not working efficiently.  Their kidneys and liver work harder, as well.

Pets with cancer lose weight, too. Cancers tend to rob the body of essential nutrients, causing both fat and muscle to disappear.  The pet will also feel sick and have no desire to eat.

So, if you have a slender pet, that’s good news!  However, if you suspect unhealthy weight loss, most notably over a short period of time, please consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Now, I am off!  I have a mirror in front of which I must stand and admire my new physique. Swimsuit season is quickly approaching, and I want to impress the ladies!

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