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What do you sense your cat senses?

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Bo, the incredible cat: Finally!  A time for me to take to the podium and inform my loyal readers of important things to know about cats.  In this particular entry, I will commence a series of mini-dissertations about the senses of cats and…

Jessie, the lovable pooch, interrupting: Excuse me, but I was under the distinct impression that cats had no sense!

Bo: I was referring to our senses of sight, smell, taste, etc.  From the looks of you today, however, I see you have no fashion sense!

Jessie: Well, from the smell of you today, I can tell you that my olfactory sense is highly sensitive today.  When was the last time you cleaned yourself?

Bo, to the audience: I am going to pretend I did not hear that and will return to my commentary.  Today, let me focus on cat’s eyes.  (No pun intended there.  Get it?  Focus?  Eyes?  Never mind!)  Cats are blessed with extremely sensitive vision, particulary when the lights are dim.  Our night vision is of Superman strength, too.  In fact, we can functino at just 1/6 the light level required for human vision.

Jessie: So? Are you also going to point out that domestic cats have poor color vision and can only see two colors:  blue and green?  How do you respond to that?

Bo: Just be thankful I am not looking at you in black and blue right now.  Stay tuned for an interesting tidbit about our whiskers!

Jessie: Here we go again, referring to how sensitive you felines are!  I’m going to go take a nap.  I want to experience a little bit of Joy of Living while I nod off.

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