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What Can a Dog Possibly Teach YOU?

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Jessie, leader of the pack, informer of the ignorant:  You know…if you think about it, dogs bring amazing life lessons to their humans in the simplest of ways.  If you watch and listen long enough, your lovable pooch just may teach you some things you previously did not understand or weren’t willing to appreciate:

1.) Be sure to happily greet everyone when they come home.

2.) Sure…you’ll get scolded on occasion for less than stellar behavior.  Don’t hold a grudge or stew in your own misery….get back in there and make friends again.

3.)  Appreciate a good meal and eat it with gusto.

4.)  Let the wind blow in your hair without worry over how it may look.

5.)  Speak (or bark!) your mind and enjoy the results!

6.)  Appreciate a lazy afternoon nap.

7.)  Incorporate some play time into every day!

8.) Be a loyal and faithful companion to those who matter most to you in life.

Well, I’ve waxed philosophical for the day.  More later!  I’m going to go enjoy a cool drink out of my water bowl and then just kick back by the window for awhile.  No harm in staring outside for a few minutes, losing myself  in a daydream.

Thanks to for some of these insightful lessons.


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