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We Wish You a Happy Holiday Season! Discover the Real Joy of Living As You Appreciate Your Blessings!

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Bo and Jessie here!  Yes…we decided to mutually (and amicably!) compose this message today.  In the spirit of the holidays, we just wanted to convey to you our sincerest wishes for a fabulous holiday season and blessings for a wonderful New Year.  If you are thinking of giving your beloved pet a gift for the holidays, toys and such are nice, but a real treat would be a nice massage and lots of tender, loving care!  Heck!  Amidst the hustle and bustle, even YOU need a break, so why not take your critter for a walk (or two or three, especially if pesky Aunt Edna wears out her welcome and is getting on your nerves!).  While we pets appreciate a fun new toy or a safe and wholesome nibble, we cherish most the times spent with our owners.  That is the best gift of all!  And, if you need an idea for that pet lover in your life, then consider a gift certificate from Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services.  If you live in the Kansas City metro area, this is the service upon which to call.  They know pets.  They love ’em, too!

Happy Holidays, from your favorite cat and dog! (And this was not a paid endorsement…Bo wanted to stress that fact!)


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