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We Were Born to Run!

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Naismith, Wheaten Terrier guest columnist:  Happy dog! I am such a happy dog!  I awaken each morning around 4:15 and am so excited because I get to go on a run with my human!  As you know, running for dogs is pure joy!  That is true happiness for us.  We are totally in our element when we can run.  Luckily for you and for me, there are great benefits in going for a run with us.  Check out these fun facts:

1.) When you run with your dog regularly, not only does your dog stay fit, but you do, too.  Burn some extra calories and have fun along the way!

2.) Running will improve the quality of your dog’s life.  As I mentioned, dogs love to run.  A dog that does what he enjoys most is a happy dog, and a happy dog equals a happy life!

3.)  Running not only gives you humans an edge on a longer life span, but it has the same effect on dogs!  If you want to enjoy our companionship for a long time, then take us out on regular runs.  Both your heart and mine will thank you for it!

4.)  Running with your dog provides a great opportunity to work on training commands.  Your dog will learn to sit patiently while waiting for traffic.  He will learn to remain in control when passing by other runners and their dogs.  He will learn to stay by your side.  This time also provides a great way to deepen the bond with your dog.

5.)  Running is a terrific outlet for all of your dog’s energy!  If he is causing trouble in the home because of pent-up energy, take him for a run.  You will be amazed at how calm he is when at home!

Well, it is time for my nap now.  I ran for almost an hour this morning!  It was awesome.  I saw a few other dogs out and about. Most of them were just barking at me from their fenced-in yards.  Poor things.  They need to nudge their owners and get a move on!

(Thanks to for this great info.  Thanks to my human for making the effort to get up early in the morning with me.  Oh, yeah…another benefit….those regular morning runs keep ME regular…get it?  My system runs like clockwork!)


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