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Ways to Keep Pet’s Teeth Healthy

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As Bo and Jessie discussed in their last post, dental care is an important issue for pets.

Although brushing pet’s teeth provides the maximum benefits, not all pets are receptive to it.  There are alternatives that provide some benefits.  Some of the alternatives include dental treats like CET HEXtra chews for Dogs.  Dogs like the taste, enjoy the chewing action, and these treats have toothpaste built into them!  There are a variety of dental treats available, so check with your vet for a recommendation.  Raw vegetables such as green beans or carrots work well too, and dogs usually love the taste!

Another option that works for both cats and dogs is drinking water additive.  The additive is added to your pet’s water daily to help prevent plague and freshen breath.

To protect your pet’s teeth, monitor chewing activity.  Check pet’s toys (especially dogs) and if a toy is so hard it hurts when you hit your leg with it, it’s too hard for your pet and can cause tooth breakage.

Have your pet’s teeth checked once a year at a minimum.  If your dog or cat has a history of dental issues, more frequent visits may be required.  Consult your vet to develop a plan for your pet’s dental health.

February is National Pet Dental Month, so take the steps needed this month to keep your pet’s smile healthy!


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