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Vive La Difference!

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ShilohI just finished an assignment with Puggle sisters Shiloh and Millie. Puggles are a mix of Pug and Beagle and interestingly enough, Shiloh has more Pug characteristics, while Millie is more of a Beagle.

The girls have likes as different as their looks.  Shiloh likes to be out and about on walks, while Millie much prefers to be doing something athletic like playing ball.  She’s so good at it that she can catch balls thrown high in the air before they touch the ground.  Our local baseball team would do well to draft her!

If you have multiple pets, learn their preferences and do your best to spend one-on -one time with each pet doing their favorite thing.  Your pet will love spending time with you doing something they totally enjoy and it will strengthen the bond you have with each of them.



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