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Variety, Try It, They’ll Like It

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DilsI got a call from the mom of regular clients the Fur Boys, Dillon and Riley.  Both supplement their meals with green beans for weight management and fiber content, and recently they’d stopped eating them.  They often get name brand beans, but recently have gotten the store brand which is where the problem started.  Their mom was confounded, saying that they’ll eat anything, “they’re dogs, for goodness sake!”

Yep, they’re dogs, but they can detect subtle changes in taste and/or smell much more so than humans.  In this case, once they were given name brand beans again, they gobbled them up.

Even though dogs often have a reputation for eating anything, they can grow tired of the same diet day in and day out.  Try introducing a little change into your dog’s diet.  Find a nutritionally balanced high-quality food, introduce gradually to ensure your pet’s system tolerates it well and he likes the taste, then begin alternating it with his established food.

Another option is cooking for your dog periodically.  Many pet recipes aren’t so different from the foods we eat,Rileycheck out pet cookbooks for some ideas.  As mentioned above, as with any change in diet, introduce gradually so it won’t be too much of a shock to your dog’s system.

Do your research and check with your vet to be sure the foods you introduce provide the right nutritional needs for your pet.  Try it, your pet will like it!

Bon, or should I say, Bone Appetit!


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