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Trick or Treat! Will Your Pets Be Safe This Halloween?

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The Spirit of Bo, here to impart some ghostly advice for keeping your pets safe this Halloween:  October 31st is quickly approaching!  It is the day to which so many young children look forward….as well as a few black cats! The treats! The tricks! (Sure wish I could tease Jessie like in the old days! Ah….how I miss that!) It’s a fun-filled holiday for all, but what do your pets think about it….and do you know how to keep them safe yet still allow them to join in on the fun this Halloween?

Here are a few things to be mindful of this October 31st:

  • Does the constant ringing of the doorbell or constant knocking annoy your pet?  Some pets can experience stress-related diarrhea because of this, so it is best to keep them in a quiet, secure place during the bewitching hours.
  • Even if your pet is remarkably friendly towards everyone, the sight of someone in a strange costume can put his “stranger danger” radar on high alert.  A normally well-behaved dog can become aggressive at the unexpected sight of someone in a Halloween costume.
  • Keep your pets inside on this particular evening.  Studies have shown that people are prone to pranks against animals on this particular night…especially black cats.
  • Pets love treats, especially if those treats are sweet. Warn your kids not to give any candy to your cat or dog.  Keep it safely out of reach from your pets.

More fun Halloween tips to come.  Have you decided what costume your pet might wear this year?  Costumes are fun….but there are a few things of which you should be aware before you dress him your cat or dog for the festivities! Stay tuned…

(Thanks to the Halloween Safety Tips for Pets from for this insightful information.)


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