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Town Offers Incentives For Poo Pick-Up

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If you’re in Ashland, Oregon and are seen picking up after your dog, you might be rewarded! An article on reports that in an effort to promote responsible pet ownership, volunteers are handing out gift certificates to those that pick up after their dogs.

This reward program is also trying to change public opinion about allowing dogs in local parks.  In 2011, the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission overturned a ban on dogs in public parks.  Major objections to dogs being allowed in the parks were fear of being bitten and stepping in dog waste.

Lifting the ban also helped the area’s economy.  When the ban was in place, pet travel sites discouraged vacationing in the area since dogs were not allowed in public parks.

In an effort to make it easier for dog owners to pick up after their pets, waste bag dispensers have been installed in local parks.  A study was conducted after the dispensers were installed and showed a reduction in E. coli in the area’s creeks.  Pet waste left on sidewalks and streets washes into the storm drains that empty into area creeks.

Although leashed dogs are now allowed in most parks, they must be kept within six feet or less of paved surfaces. That means they cannot romp across lawns with their owners, which is part of the fun in going to the park.

It appears there is still progress to be made before Ashland can truly be called “pet-friendly”, but they are heading in the right direction.

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