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Tips to Minimize Pet Stress Over the Holidays

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The holidays are seen as a happy time of year.  So much excitement abounds!  The decorations, the lights, the parties, and more are all part of the festive mood.  However, since our pets are creatures of habit, this temporary upset in the balance may cause undue stress on them.  Some of the elements that can stress your pet out at this time of year include the parties, the decorations, the food, the music, the extra house guests, and even lights that stay on for several hours at a time, thereby uspetting your pet’s normal sleep schedule.  In addition, you are probably busier than usual now, and your pet may feel the lack of attention.

Some signs of stress in a pet can include a change in appetite, eating more or even less. There be may changes in your pet’s bowel movements.  Your pet may find a hiding spot and refuse to come out.  He may even bite.

To help your pet deal with the holiday stress, maintain his feeding and hygiene routines.  Do not make any big changes in diet during this time of the year.  Give your pet toys to occupy him when you cannot give him your complete attention.  Limit your pet’s exposure to people and activity.  The key here is to remember to stick to the normal routine as much as possible.  Also, be sure to spend quality time with your pet each day.  He will truly appreciate you for it, and the time spent with him will serve to reduce your holiday stress level, as well!

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