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10 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

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keeping your dog cool with dog in pool during summer

If you have a dog that loves to go outdoors, even in the summer heat, please keep in mind a few tips for keeping your dog cool this summer.

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Tip 1 for Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer: Take Early Morning Walks

Take your dog for a walk early in the day before the sun hits its peak. It’s light by 6 a.m. so I take the Poodle Pair out then for morning walk. It’s the coolest time of the day, so it works much better for them and for me!

Beware of Summer Pests

Check for unwanted guests on your dog, namely in the form of ticks! It’s been an extremely hot and wet summer already, leading to an overabundance of ticks everywhere, not just in wilderness areas. Stay current on your dog’s flea and tick preventative!

Stay Hydrated

Keep your dog hydrated. This dog water bottle holds 10 oz. of water, contains a filter to keep water fresh, and comes with a roll of dog water bags, too.

Time for a Summer Cut

Have your dog shaved if he is a breed that can be shaved. The Poodle Pair will be getting their summer cut in a few days, not shaved, but a much shorter cut to keep them cool. For double-coated breeds, get a cut that will keep him cooler during the hot weather but not ruin his coat.

Keep Yard Clean

Pick up your dog’s waste in the backyard as it is a breeding ground for flies.

Regular Bath Times

Bathe your dog regularly, preferably using an all-natural shampoo.

Use Pet-approved Sunscreen

Yes, dogs can get sunburned. Do NOT use human sunscreen on dog’s, look for sunscreen made especially for dogs and follow instructions for reapplying. Dog noses are especially susceptible to the sun and can become dry and crusty. Shop for a salve made to protect your dog’s nose.

Hop in the Pool

If your dog needs some fun entertainment, get a kiddie pool and fill it up with water. Then, let him jump in and out of it for fun and to stay cool.

Keep Water Bowls Cool

Keep water bowls filled and out of the sun. Avoid metal bowls, they get really hot when in the sun! Try a cooling bowl to keep dog’s water cool when outside.

A Comfortable Place to Relax

Dogs love to be outside, so set up a cooling mat or cot in a shady spot so your dog can take a comfortable break from the top sun.

One of the best things about summer is the long days that give us a chance to be outside and have fun with our dogs. Keeping these tips in mind, and invest in some summer gear goes a long way toward keeping your dog cool this summer.

For more information on keeping your dog safe this summer, click here.



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