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Tips to Keep Your Dog a Cool Dog, not a Hot Dog This Summer

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Party Marty here! Since we have lost our beloved Jessie, a few things have changed around here. I have assumed a major role within this blog as a contributor, but being the intuitive cat that I am, I promise to channel both Bo and Jessie and relay their messages to you when they speak to me. I admit, it has been a challenge getting used to life without Jessie. I miss taunting and teasing her, so now I have to find ways to entertain myself. However, for now I will defer to the task at hand and give you something of importance to read and digest. Let’s make this quick, however, as this is seriously cutting into my naptime, people!

Today’s topic: Cool summer tips for your dog in the heat of summer!

So…I don’t know about you, but where I live, it is HOT…sweltering…I sweat just thinking about how hot it is outside. Thankfully, I am an indoor cat and can embrace the good ol’ a.c. However, if you have a dog that loves to go outdoors, please keep in mind a few handy, dandy tips before you have a genuine hot dog on your hands!

  • Be sure to take your dog for a walk early in the day before the sun hits its peak and melts the two of you on the sidewalk.
  • Be sure to check for unwanted guests on your dog, namely in the form of ticks!
  • Keep your dog hydrated. (You, too!)
  • Be sure to have your dog shaved if he is a breed that can be shaved. (Whether or not you shave is no business of mine!)
  • Clean up his waste in the backyard as that is a breeding ground for flies.
  • Be sure to bathe your dog regularly, preferably using an all-natural shampoo.
  • Watch for heatstroke in your dog and use pet-approved sunscreen. (Talk to your vet about these topics, please!)
  • If your dog needs some fun entertainment, get a kiddie pool and fill it up with water. Then, let him jump in and out of it for fun and to stay cool.
  • Be sure to keep his paws of the hot pavement
  • And keep the blinds open in the house so your cat can watch and always stay cool in the comfort of the great indoors!

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