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This Is One Pretty Kitty

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This week, more than ever, the focus is on finding homes for pets that just don’t seem to be able to find the right match.  It could be their age, their breed, a medical issue or even something like their color.  The last two posts I wrote featured dogs, so I wanted to give the feline citizens their turn too.

Often people think it’s better to adopt a kitten rather than an adult, or even senior cat.  I totally disagree, having adopted both Bo and Jessie when they were classified as “senior” pet citizens.  Both of them have been great, and I am thankful people made the mistake of overlooking them so they could come home with me!

The advances in animal nutrition and health have made it possible for many dogs and cats to live well into their teens.  I’ve heard of cats living to age 20 and beyond!

Today’s featured pet is Jeffrey.  He currently resides at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City.  He’s been there for a very long time and is ready for a forever home.  He is quite the handsome guy!  #bethechange


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