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This dog (or cat!) is in hot water, literally!

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Bo, the adorable cat:  Our Yorkie-Poo friend, Bolt, got bathed yesterday.  He tells us he is not too keen on getting his precious fur all wet, but we have to gently remind him that getting bathed regularly is important for us critters….especially the dogs!

Jessie, the lovable dog  (with paws over her nose):  When was the last time YOU had a bath?

Bo:  We cats are so well-trained and independent that we handle these matters privately.  At any rate, if you have a pet with normal or healthy skin, we have some bathing advice for you.  Some folks will only bathe their dog when the stink becomes too much to bear.  In actuality, your mutt should be bathed more frequently to remove any potential allergens, dead hair, and skin, and excessive oil in the hair and on the skin.  So, in the summer, aim for giving your dog a bath every two weeks, and in the cooler months of winter, perhaps once a month will do.  As for us cats, well, we are highly adept at grooming oursevles and do not need this type of bathing ritual.

Jessie:  I heard that cats should be bathed on occasion and that it is best to get them used to it while they are still kittens!

Bo:  Well, if that is the case, then please make sure you are very careful about your shampoo selection for me!  As for your canine friends, you should also be selective here.  You need to use a shampoo that will clean the hair and skin but won’t remove the thin layer of oil.  The experts at suggest using the natural shampoo from Dermacare or Aloveen or Fido’s Everday Shampoo.

Jessie:  Don’t forget the fleas!  You need to get rid of those nasty fleas!

Bo:  Yes, YOU do!  Certain flea shampoos do well at killing fleas, but the effects are usually short-lived and fleas will return after the fur is dry.  You may want to look into a good flea rinse.  I would rather mention what NOT to use, as these could harm your dog:

  • Medicated shampoos, unless prescribed by a veterinarian.  These can dry and damage the skin.
  • Human shampoo.  You people are 100 times more acidic than your dogs!
  • Soaps of any kind, as these will only dry out the skin.
  • Do not use eucalyptus or tea tree oils.  These will irritate the skin.
  • Laundry detergent (huh?  people have tried this?) will remove that thin layer of oil on the skin.

For more information on how to bathe your dog, just ask the pet sitting experts at Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services in Kansas City.  They know their stuff!


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