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This Dog is Promoting Adopt-A-Cat Month!

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Jessie, the wonderful dog: I was soooo excited to learn that June is National Adopt-A-Cat Month!  What a great way for me to find a way to get rid of Bo, the annoying cat in the house.  If anyone wants a mangy cat with an attitude….I mean, if anyone wants a lovable feline who will be your best friend for life, just drop me a line and I will see how I can meet your needs in that regard.

In keeping pace with the theme of the month, I did some research and am here to give you some insight into adopting a cat.

When you are looking for that one special kitty to bring home, you will want to find one that seems friendly and sociable. (Darn…guess this means no hope for Bo!)  Find a cat that likes to be touched and held.  This is the type of cat who will usually make the best pet and will adapt more readily to its new home environment…even if that means its new home is the city dump.  (Oops…sorry….did not mean to talk about Bo again!  My bad!)

Okay.  The editors are glaring at me now.  Time to be serious.  Will do.  When you do adopt a cat, try not to overwhelm it.  The stress alone in moving from where it was living to arriving at your home can be upsetting to the cat.  If you bring your new cat home in a pet carrier, the best way to introduce it to the new environment is to simply set the carrier down, open the door, and let it look around at its own pace. Make sure your home is quiet and peaceful at this time.  Loud noises will further stress your cat out. (Trust me… a stressed out kitty is not a good thing!)

When speaking, do so quietly and in a soothing manner.  Be sure to have on hand food, fresh water, and a litterbox at the ready.  This will give signals to your cat that he is at home and is safe.

Don’t be alarmed if the cat is a bit subdued and quiet for a couple of days.  Its true personality will come alive in soon.  It may take a few days for the cat to reveal its affection towards you, but that will happen.  Give your cat lots of love and plenty of time in your lap to relieve its anxiety.  (Of course for Bo, we have to reduce ourselves to medicinal measures for his anxiety!  Okay!  I am just kidding!  Can’t a dog poke fun at the resident cat?)

Well, I have to go do some more research for my next post.  I hope you enjoyed this one.  I found this information on some web site called Wise Geek.  Didnt’ know Bo had a web site.  Well, the Geek part is what makes me think it is his.  As for the wise ,well, I guess he attributed that to me.  Actually, it is not his site, but it does have some great info!  Maybe I should be a contributing writer!)


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