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These Cats Were Putting On A Show!

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I attended my first Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) show today.  It was fun to see some of the breeds I’d only read about in magazines like Cat Fancy.  I got to meet breeds such as Cornish Rex, Maine Coon, Himalayan, Turkish Angora and Abyssinian to name a few.

Many of the owners showing their cats were very gracious in sharing information about the respective breeds.  Often they would allow the public to pet their cats, if it wasn’t time for judging.  I was struck by the different sizes of the breeds; the Cornish Rex is quite small while one Maine Coon I met is expected to reach approximately 25 lbs. when he’s fully grown!

Show participants were also quite helpful to a newbie like me in explaining how the judging works.  Although not difficult, it does take a little while to figure out what’s what.  During one final judging, the officiating  judge explained what led her to select the finalists and their placement in the standings, something else helpful for newbies.

I wasn’t sure what to expect before attending the show, but I’ll say it was fun.  If  you’re a cat lover and haven’t checked out a show before, try it, you might like it!

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