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There’s nothing trivial about these dogs!

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Hey, hey!  Jessie here with some more exciting dog trivia!  We are closing in on the weekend. Time to kick back, relax, and have fun!  Betcha didn’t know some of this stuff!

Did you know that puppies are born both deaf and blind? It takes 10-14 days for their eyes to open,  and their hearing will develop shortly after that.

Dogs are believed to be descendants of wolves from Southeast Asia at least 14,000 years ago!

The AKC claims that the most popular dog names are Lady and Bear. (But the prettiest dog name is Jessie!)

Did you know that Greyhounds can run as fast as 45 miles per hour?  Let’s put them in the Olympics!

Collies were once considered to be vicious dogs.  Guess none of those dogs were called Lassie!

Border Collies are considered to be the smartest dogs. They love to figure things out and enjoy pleasing their owners. (I do, too. I just don’t go to all that effort!  It comes more naturally to me!)

Almost 4000 dogs served in Vietnam.  Many are hard at work in the Middle East today. Say thank you to those dogs.

$17.4 billion was spent on pet food in 2009.  Wow!  Those are some hungry dogs!

That’s all I have for now!  Thanks for checking us out! Thanks to for this fun info!


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