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The Times They Are A-Changin’

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I have a couple of pet sitting clients who both lost their dogs this year, one to cancer and the other to old age.  Both cases were sad in different ways and as a caregiver to both pets, I talked to their owners before and after the pets passed away.

In both cases the owners now have new puppies.  I’m caring for one now, and will be meeting and sitting for the second next week. I’ve been reflecting on how different the sitting experience is now compared to what it was with the former pets.

These puppies are active, curious about everything and very engaged in the world.  The ones before were in shut down mode, not their fault, just the circumstances.  The before and after dogs need lots of care and attention for very different reasons.  Lots of play and walks now vs. frequent vet visits, potty breaks and helping navigate the terrain because of limited mobility.

Both owners have experienced other changes in their lives recently and as a caregiver to their pets, I’ve shared a bit of that change with them.   Although they loved the former pets, there wasn’t much to be happy about with age and disease having their way.  Now they laugh and marvel at the antics of their puppies.

As a pet sitter, it’s very cool to be able to care for pets……and be a part of the life of their owners.


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