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The Real Reasons Most Dogs Come Into Rescue Centers

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Jessie, the dog who is adored and loved by her owner and admired by her millions (okay…thousands…..okay, hundreds….okay – YOU….whoever is reading this post!) fans: I am here to dispel some vicious rumors and myths out there about rescue dogs.  Some people are under the impression that rescue dogs are dogs with problems that won’t make good pets.  After all, why would someone get rid of a perfectly good dog? (Bo, the sneaky cat, is seen smiling rather suspicisouly at the moment, but he lays low for now.) Well, there are a number of reasons why people take their dogs to rescue centers, and those reasons just might surprise you.  Here are a few of them:

  • Time.  The owner of the dog just simply did not have the time to devote to the love and care of the dog.
  • Money.  The owner realized that he could not afford all of the care, essentials, and necessities that go along with owning a dog.
  • Death.  The owner dies or is moved into a nursing home where dogs are not allowed.
  • Children.  A young couple may introduce a baby into the home and realize they no longer have the time to devote to the dog.  Having a pet at this time does not fit into their new lifestyle.
  • Relocation.  The owner is moving into an apartment or condo that does not allow pets.

These great dogs are then usually brought to a local rescue center, just waiting to be picked up and loved by someone who has the time, money, and resources to dedicate to such a great pet!  So, go ahead…if you are considering getting a dog from a rescue center, your head and heart are in the right place. Give love to a dog, and you will be exponentially loved in return.  However, show any love and affection to that mangy cat around here, and you will be sorry!  On more than one occasion he has trapped me behind some locked door.  Oh, kitty!  Revenge is sweet when it is slow and painful!  Which brings me to another reason of my own design as to why dogs (and possibly some cats!) end up in rescue centers: they are running for their lives from some superior dog in the house who is on a mission of revenge!  See ya!  Oh, and Happy Halloween this weekend!  I’ll get the treats.  Bo will get the tricks!  (You saw that coming, right?)

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