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The cost of adopting a cat

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Jessie, the well-educated canine: I have to admit, even though I am a dog, I think that adopting a cat is a terrific idea.  I mean, having that beast around the house is great.  I get to tell him what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.  I prefer to think of our cat, Bo, as my personal administrative assistant.  I would have him post this blog today, but he is off getting a massage or something.  He is a rather high-maintenance cat.

So, if you are contemplating adopting a cat, there are certain cost factors involved that you should consider.  I just hope that the cat you choose to bring into your home does not require those weekly massages, a finicky diet, and a few well-pressed outfits for those special occasions.  Bo is incredibly high-maintenance, which is probably why he has not gotten any responses from his online dating profile!

So, here are a few costs to consider when adopting your cat:

The one-time costs, if your cat is a kitten, include kitten shots.  As a kitty, it will need a couple of sets of shots until its immune system is developed.  Once grown, your cat should only need to go to the vet annually for its booster shots.  This is a routine visit done each year, with the exception of any unexpected visits during the year.

You will want to consider purchasing a collar, a leash, and a harness.  If you plan on letting your cat go outside, it is a good idea to use the leash and the harness. Cats are pretty sly about escaping from just a collar!

You will also need to invest in a litter box and a scoop, as well as food and water bowls.  A scratching post is a good idea, unless you want your cat to shred your furniture and carpets!  (However, for those pesky itches on your backside, the scratching mechanism in your cat will come in handy!)

A kennel is great for car rides, although many cats do not enjoy the thrill of the automobile ride!

Invest in a good brush and comb set and some nail clippers. (Unless, of course, your cat is like Bo and has its nails professionally manicured!)

You will want to consider spay or neuter surgery.  You can keep the pet population down by spaying or neutering your pet.  There  are far too many homeless pets as it is.

Be sure to have your cat tattooed or microchipped in case it ever gets lots.

Don’t forget the cat bed, either.  (Trust me, the family dog does NOT want to share in this capacity!)

Recurring costs include food, treats, kitty litter, the annual visit to the veterinarian, and furball medication.  You will probably need to invest in some grooming to get your cat’s claws trimmed routinely.  Be sure to have some fun toys on hand, too, to keep your cat entertained and happy!  The family dog, again, does not want to share in this regard!  GROWL!

Every cat is different, but you get the general idea.  However, the best investment you will make in your newly adopted cat is all of the love you will give it.  What you get in return is exponential….unless, of course, the cat is like Bo, and all you get is an attitude!

Have fun with your new cat!


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