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The Cost of Adding Another Dog to Your Family

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Adding another dog to your family can bring many benefits, but it can also add quite a bit of cost.  Before going forward with adding another pet, it’s a good idea to determine if you’ll have enough time to devote to both dogs.  It’s also a good idea to look at your budget to be sure you can afford to add another pet.

The American Association of Pet Product Manufacturers recently published results from a bi-annual survey of pet owners.  Following are the average costs those surveyed identified as pet expenses:

  • Surgical vet visits-$407
  • Routine vet visits-$248
  • Food-$254
  • Kennel boarding-$274
  • Vitamins-$95
  • Travel expenses-$78
  • Groomer/grooming aids-$73
  • Food treats-$70


Pet insurance premiums and city licensing fees were not included in the survey.  Any charges for spay/neuter were also omitted.  The ASPCA estimates the annual cost of owning a small dog is $1,314 and costs of owning a large dog is $1,580.

It’s great to have multiple pets as part of the family, but be sure the budget will support their care before bringing them home.

Source:  Your Dog, August 2011


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