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That’s a Doggone Good Costume!

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Bo, the charming and frighteningly appealing, cat: Halloween is nearly upon us.  Do you have your costume picked out yet?  Better yet…does your PET have its costume picked out yet?  I have decided to go as Jessie, that so-called dog around here.  Should get a few laughs.  I’ll go out and hit up some of the best houses in the neighborhood and see what kinds of treats I can get.  Last year, NO ONE was giving out cat nip.  Go figure!

In the interest of this fun and exciting holiday, I wanted to share a few safety tips with you so that everyone has a safe and fun evening!

1.) First of all, remember that all of those Hershey bars and Kit-Kats (now why do they have to name a candy bar after a pet?) are not good for your pets.  Candy – especially chocolate – can be toxic to them.  All other candies and gum should be off-limits to your pet, too.  That’s why I say, “Trick or treat, smell my paws, give me some cat nip because…”

2.) Halloween decorations are cool, although I still am not too fond of the black cat obsession.  Pets can be curious about all of the fan fare, so make sure you put your decorations in places where the pets cannot reach them and keep all electrical cords completely out of reach.  We don’t want Jessie biting into a cord and lighting up like a skeleton….wait!  That would make a great decoration in and of itself.  (Note to self:  leave cord out momentarily, tempt Jessie, have camera at the ready.)

**On the night of Halloween, it is best to leave your pets indoors.  You just never know what kinds of people are lurking about out there.  Some can get kind of strange, and there have been reports of people doing harmful things to pets, especially cats, on this frightful night.  (That is why I am choosing to stay in, far from view of the trick-or-treaters, and am leaving Jessie to the task of opening the door.)

**Costumes are pretty cool, too.  While I know I will look simply amazing dressed as a dog and that the laughs will pour non-stop as I try to imitate Jessie, some pets are kind of freaked out by being dressed up.  Others, however, will probably strut their stuff.  So, if you have a dog who appreciates the fan fare, knock yourself out with a wild and crazy costume for him.  If, however, your pet is more subdued about it all, go for a fun Halloween collar or bandana.

**When those cute little trick-or-treaters come to the door, it is actually best to keep your pet out of the action.  Even if your pet adores people and is usually friendly, all of the added commotion could confuse him.  So, just keep the dog locked up in the laundry room and give the cat full access to the remote, the couch, a soda, and a bowl of popcorn.  After all, it is a holiday, right?  Let the good times roll…and keep that laundry room door locked until morning!

Gotta roll….have to freshen up my costume for the big day!

Thanks to for the great Halloween safety information for pets!


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