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Take Life a Little Easier

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Like us, as our pets age mobility isn’t what it used to be, eyesight isn’t as sharp but there are some things to do to make your pet’s golden years easier:

  • If you have tile or hardwood floors in your home, get some area rugs to keep him from slipping
  • Does your pet have trouble jumping up into the car?  Consider getting a ramp he can use to walk into the car instead.
  • Is your pet having trouble seeing at night?  Place a couple of night lights around so he can see better, look for motion sensitive ones that will turn on when your pet walks past
  • Check out orthopedic pet beds to ease aching  joints
  • Place pet stairs by the couch or bed to make it easier for your pet to get up there
  • Think about elevated food and water dishes so your senior pet can eat and drink at a natural level.  Check with your vet to get his/her opinion

Senior pets are great companions.  Consider taking the steps above to make life easier for you and your senior pet!


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