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Symptoms of Neoplasia and Cancer in Pets

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Bo, the outspoken kitty: I have to admit.  It is a challenge to write such serious blog posts without interjecting some insulting jab at Jessie, that four-legged mutt who resides with my human, Karen, and I.  I mean, if I were to have my way in listing what the symptoms of cancer in pets are, I would probably start with #1. Jessie.  And then I would go on to say how to eliminate that particular symptom.  But, I will refrain from such poor taste in serious blog posts and merely pontificate as to the most common symptoms your pet might display if he or she is affected with neoplasia or cancer.  I strongly urge you to consult your vet immediately should you notice any of these or anything else highly unusual about your pet.  We are your loyal friends for life, and we know you don’t want to lose us!  (Sidebar:  The only thing unusual about Jessie is that she’s annoying to me, but the vet said there is nothing he can do about that condition!)

According to the March 2010 brochure called “Cancer in Animals,” distributed by the Veterinary Cancer Society, these are the 10 common signs of neoplasia in animals:

1.) Abnormal swellings that peresist and continue to grow

2.) Sores that refuse to heal

3.) Weight loss

4.) Loss of appetite

5.) Bleeding or discharge from any body opening

6.) Offensive odor

7.) Difficulty in eating or swallowing

8.) Hesitation to engage in exercise or loss of stamina

9.) Continued lameness or stiffness

10.) Difficulty breathing, urinating, or defecating

Please be alert if your pet displays any of these symptoms!  We care about all animals, and we know you do, too.

(However, can you not see that item #6 is just begging for me to say something about Jessie?  And what about item #9?  Sometimes, Jessie can be so lame.  I do admit, however, that I am grateful for my continued good health, and, yes, for Jessie’s.  If Jessie were not here, who would be the target of all of my good jokes and insults?)


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