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Spring favorites can be deadly to cats

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Bo, the astute cat:  I love that Spring is here!  It is the best time of year!  However, if you are tending to a beautiful garden or are a flower enthusiast of some sort, I am here to caution you about one of the most gorgeous flowers around:  the lily.  As stunningly beautiful as they are, they are a health risk to your cat.  Members of the plant genus Lillium, which includes Easter lilies, Tiger lilies, Rubrums, Japanese show lilies, Stargazer lilies, and Daylilies can pose a toxin risk to your cat.  When cats chew on the leaves of these plants, they can sustain kidney damage or even death.  All parts of the plant are toxic, and your cat can become ill just chewing on one leaf.

I have always known that we cats are unique in an abundance of ways, but we are also unique when it comes to lilies.  Dogs, rabbits, and rats do not seem to respond to the toxins in lilies as cats do.  While dogs may experience some minor tummy troubles from eating the leaves off these plants, they typically do not get renal damage.

Cats who are afflicted with the toxins of these plants will first present with vomiting, usually wtihing two to six hours after ingestion.  While the vomiting may stop for awhile, it will usually return over the course of the next few days.

If your cat has ingested any part of these types of plants/flowers, please get him or her to your veterinarian immediately.  If you postpone treatment more than 18 hours, your cat is at risk for kidney failure or death.

While we may enjoy the visual delights of these flowers at a distance, please keep them away from us.  If you love lilies so much, but also love your cat, consider just posting photos of lilies in your home.  Sure, not the same thing, but you will still have the pleasure of our company!  Besides, a lily will not crawl up into your lap and snuggle!

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