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Speak Your Cat’s Language…or at Least Understand It!

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Marty, the educated cat: Ever wonder what your kitty’s mood truly is?  We can be a fussy sort, so here are some clues to enlighten you:

  • If we are relaxed and content, our ears will be at a normal angle and the tail will be relaxed or upright, with our whiskers standing straight out from the face.
  • If we are feeling overly-assertive and aggressive, we will flatten our ears and then rotate them backwards.  We might swish or thump the tail and the hairs on it will bristle.
  • If we are afraid, our ears will go back against our head and our eyes and pupils will open wide.  You might also notice that the hair on the tail and on the back stand up.
  • If you have annoyed one of us, we will pull back our whiskers tightly against the face and then twitch the tip of the tail.  Look out!

Something else to recognize: If you discover your cat resting with his eyes half-closed and his whiskers and ears are in an unusual position for an appreciable amount of time, with his tail between his legs, he may be telling you he is not feeling well.  He may purr, but not in a fun way.  He may simply purr because your presence makes him feel comforted.  Be observant and call your vet.

So, if you want to understand your cat better, learn a new language:  body language!

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