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Some of the best dogs come from rescue groups!

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Jessie, heralder of rescue pets: If you are looking to get a dog, there is no better place than your local rescue group.  Rescue groups usually accept a variety of breeds.  One of the biggest advantages to adopting a dog through a rescue group is that most of these pets are cared for in a foster home where appropriate behaviors are more likely learned by the dog and where lots of love is still given.

Before you go searching for a rescue dog, be sure to do some research as to the type of breed you desire.  Once you have decided on a specific breed, continue your search into whether or not such a breed will do well in your home environment.  For example, some breeds require lots of running space, while others are just content with their own little corner of the world.

Know a bit about dog training, too, before you bring that pooch home and discover its penchant for chewing on shoes and furniture.  You have to be confident that you can train the dog yourself if needed.

Investigate area rescue groups.  If you have decided on a specific breed, use the resources of the internet or contact your local shelter to assess if there are breed-specific rescues in your area.  If you are not looking for any breed in particular, you can contact all breed rescues to see exactly what types of dogs are available for adoption.

You will be amazed at the variety of breeds out there available through rescue groups.  I just have to find a group that is willing to take the darned CAT, Bo, away from this house.  That might be a tough one.  I suppose I can just banish him to the basement.

Tofffee is a great dog available for adoption from the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City.  You can find her on


(Thanks to for this information. No thanks to Bo for continuing to stick around and invading my space.)


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