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Some Notable Dogs in History

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Jessie, famous dog in the making:  Hey, there!  TGIF! It’s been a long week and I am ready for the weekend! However, as the resident Queen Bee here, I do have so many duties to which I must attend.  My royal training never ends.  I am preparing myself to be the world’s most popular blogging dog so that one day I will have my place in canine history.

Speaking of noteworthy dogs, here are a few that stand out in my mind:

  • Laika was the fist dog to venture into space, traveling on baord the Soviet satellite Sputnik 2 in 1957.
  • No one can forget Lassie! The first Lassie debuted in 1942, starring in “Lassie Come Home.”
  • Remember Rin Tin Tin? This German Shepherd was presumably the most famous movie hound, starring in 19 films before going to that doggie park in the sky in 1932.
  • Saur was King of Norway for three years in the 11th century. In retaliation for being deposed by his subjects, the King put his dog on eht throne and demanded royal treatment for his best friend.
  • Jessie, blogging dog of this forum…..stay tuned for all of the amazing things to come from this firecracker!

Thanks to for this great info. Hope they update it soon with my name and credentials!


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