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Some Bunny Loves You

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Do you consider yourself a pet lover but aren’t sure you’re ready to commit to the responsibility of dog or cat ownership? An alternative is rabbit ownership.

Dogs, and to a lesser degree cats, are the best known pet options, but rabbits can make good pets. They’re playful, fun and are a good option for children learning the right way to care for pets.

Here are some things to keep in mind to keep a pet rabbit happy and healthy:

Exercise-Rabbits need time outside their cage, if you can’t give him free rein of the house, make sure there’s a bunny-proofed room For him. Rabbits like time outside, but need to be attended at all times.

Rabbits love cat and dog toys, and they also enjoy playing with the cardboard boards from toilet paper or towel rolls.

Nutrition-High-quality rabbit pellets are available at pet supply stores. Rabbits also enjoy bits of fruit and fresh leafy vegetables.

Housing-Your rabbit needs a pen or cage with a place for food, water and a litterbox. Their litterbox is best filled with a shallow layer of recycled paper pellets covered with a layer of fresh grass hay. Rabbit litterboxes must have the litter changed every day, not just scooped.

Rabbits can be chewers, so keep them away from furniture legs, corners of the carpet or electrical cords.

Rabbits do better in pairs, adopt two if possible, but be sure to get them spayed or neutered so you won’t end up with a bunny army


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