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So Many Cool Reasons to Adopt a Cat Now!

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Bo here, the world’s best blogging cat!  With June as Adopt-A-Cat Month, I am a living testament as to how cool cats are and why you should adopt one now.

When you adopt a cat from your local shelter, you will enhance your life in numerous ways.

**If you are so lucky as to find a cat like me, we will keep you highly entertained for hours with our fun and clever antics.  No further need for cable or Direct TV!  Just watch us!

We are loving and affectionate and enjoy cuddling with you.

We are good medicine.  Did you know that owning a cat can reduce your blood pressue and prevent heart disease?  (Dogs, however, may give you a heart attack!  Take our resident dog, Jessie, for example, why she is so….oops….the editors at Joy of Living are glaring at me right now.  Guess I should not have said that.  I retract my statement about dogs.)

Cats are clean.  In fact, we clean ourselves!

We are an independent sort, too.  Go to work or out to eat.  We can take care of ourselves.  (Unlike Jessie here, who needs a sitter!)

How cool is this?  Cats do not need to be housebroken.  We are naturals at using a litter box.

We do not require lots of space, either, so we are perfect companions for apartment dwellers!

With just 15 minutes of play time daily, we stay fit and in shape!

Got kids?  If you have a cat as a pet, it can teach them the attributes of responsibility and ownership, as well as humane values.

About four million homeless cats wind up in animal shelters each year in the US.  When you adopt a cat, you save a life!  How cool is that?

(You can learn more from the American Humane web site.)


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