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Shh…..Somebody Has a Birthday Today!

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Party Marty here, ringing the birthday bells for our human, Karen Harrison!  Yeah!  Yahoo!  Let the fun begin!  You know….if Karen was a dog, she would be how old?  Let me calculate here…hmmmm….(counts on paws)…

Jessie, the politically correct dog, interrupts: Hey!  That’s not necessary to do!  Karen wouldn’t want that information divulged anyway!  She’s still a young lady in our eyes, and that’s all that matters!  We just hope she has the best birthday ever!  And when it comes to your dog’s birthday, we have a great idea!  Why not celebrate (weather permitting) at the local dog park?  Invite six to twelve of your pet’s fave buddies and meet at the local dog park.  It might be a good idea to check with the park if you can do this and/or need to reserve space first.

Be sure to bring lots of water for your pet guests (perhaps fun and fanciful water bowls as party favors!) and plenty of treats.  You can even bake a dog-friendly cake for all to enjoy or if you are feeling rather extravagant, purchase one at your local pet store that sells those doggie treats that look good enough for humans to eat!  Bring along some blankets and a few Frisbees to throw around!  Make it a great day for everyone!

Don’t forget the camera, either!  You will want to capture these moments to savor for a lifetime!  After all, isn’t one doggie birthday the equivalent of seven???? That just means extra treats! Yeah!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS KAREN!!!! Make it a great one!  We love you, and we are passing along an extra birthday wish in memory of the late great Bo, your beloved cat of so many years! 🙂


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