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Saying Good-bye

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Riley the end of an era

It is with a very heavy heart that I say good-bye to Dillon, a beloved client, who passed away this morning.

I’ve known Dillon and his brother Riley for a few years, Dillon and I became fast friends.  He was quite a personality. Dillon was a handsome tri-colored boy who was silly, full of mischief, and a friend to pretty much anyone he met.  He was very loving, and had a special hug he’d give to those he especially liked.

Dillon played the roll of big brother to Riley, although littermates, Dillon was quite a bit bigger than his brother.  Known as the “fur boys”, Dillon was the adventurer, with brother Riley reluctant to follow.  Although he could get into all kinds of trouble, it was hard to stay angry at Dillon for long.

When I spent time with them, the brothers would often lie together on the couch watching TV until they fell asleep, with Dillon often snoring in a deep sleep.

Dillon had a heart of gold, but in the end his heart let him down. During his time here, he was very loved by his family, his brother Riley and of course his pet sitter, me.  We will all miss you terribly, Dillon!

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