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Say Cheese!

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The holiday season is a great time to take pictures of your family and your pet.  Here are a few suggestions for holiday photos:

  • Pictures of the pets alone, or with the family near the fireplace or in front of a Christmas tree or Hanukkah candles/lights
  • A family photo in front of a house decorated for the holidays
  • Take photos around town, in town squares decorated for the holidays or in front of store holiday displays
  • Some animal shelters and rescue groups are sponsoring photo events to have your pet’s picture taken with Santa.  Not only will you get a fun picture of your pet, but you’ll be helping homeless pets too

Treats can work well to get your pet’s attention so you can snap a great picture.  Have someone stand behind you with a treat, then say your pet’s name to get his attention before snapping the picture.

Try experimenting with some different angles and lighting and don’t worry if doesn’t look exactly ‘right’.  Some of the most interesting and fun pictures are those that are spontaneous.

Pet Photography 101:  Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Dog or Cat by Andrew Darlow was used a reference for this post


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