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Road trip with pet in tow!

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Jessie, the world-traveler (or so she thinks!): If you are considering taking your lovable pet on a summer vacation in the car, be sure to take a few moments to get your car ready.  You can’t just put the cat or the dog in the car and take off down the road!  Be sure to create a place in the car where your pet can not only ride safely but have an opportunity to look out the window.  Your pet should be close enough that you can reach out and pet him or her occasionally.  However, it is not advisable to travel with your pet sitting on your lap!

Make sure your pet has access to its water and perhaps to a comfy towel or small bed so that he or she feels at home.  Be sure to use a pet restraint device to keep them safe.  You need a seat belt!  So does your pet!

If you are traveling with your cat, find a place for the kitty litter.  Putting it behind the front seat is a great spot, but be sure to place a piece of plastic underneath it first, or just lay it on top of an empty trash bag.

For the most part, your pet will probably sleep for most of the trip, unless he or she is like Bo (the craziest cat ever!) here and enjoys rocking out to some groovy tunes. (Insert eye roll here on Jessie’s part!).

You will want to stop every two to three hours to let your dog take care of its business and stretch its legs.

Check back later this week for more exciting tips on traveling with your pets!  I prefer to go First Class, so my standards are somewhat higher than most!

(Some info here was obtained at the Date My Pet web site.)


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