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Raise your glass and toast the holidays….safely with pets!

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Bo, the happy cat, blissfully in the holiday spirit, unaware that a candy cane is stuck to the fur on his back, compliments of Jessie, the sneaky dog of the house, who is snickering in the background:

So, you have the holiday décor up, cookies baking in the oven, the tree is trimmed, and the gifts are wrapped!  Everything looks great!  Even me, if I do say so myself. (Jessie snickers, leaving Bo somewhat confused.)

Before you dive right into the festivities, take a look around your home to make sure you have taken some holiday safety precautions to keep your pet safe.  Keep any lighting, ornaments, hooks, and tinsel away from your pets. If they chew on these and swallow them, it can cause damage to their mouths, esophagus, stomach, and intestines.

I know you love those lighted candles.  Who doesn’t? However, if left unattended, a curious pet can cause a fire.  Even your fire place is a hazard.  Be sure to have an adult on hand if there is a candle lit or a fire glowing.

Keep electrical cords and electrical toys out of a pet’s reach.  These pose a risk of electrical shock if chewed on.

Instead of using metal hooks for those ornaments, use ribbons to tie them to the tree.

Beware of various plants and mistletoe. These are toxic.

Sure, you love the turkey, the chocolates, and the alcoholic drinks, but your pets should not indulge. The last thing you want to do is spend the holidays at the veterinarian’s office. Did you know that a 30-pound dog can get drunk on just two tablespoons of whiskey? Although he is probably not going to get behind the wheel and drive somewhere, while under the influence, he can become aggressive, attacking, biting, and scratching. (Wow!  I thought they just did that when you locked them in the laundry room!)

Don’t offer any old or spoiled meat to your pets.  You won’t eat them, why would you give them to your dog?

Well, that is my rant for the day!  Enjoy a safe and fun-filled holiday season!  Share in the joy and warmth with your pet!  Indulge him a little!  Don’t forget any fun stocking stuffers for him, either!  Just make the toys safe and practical.  Be sure to leave cookies and milk for Santa…not for your pet! (Wonder if he will take an old dog, too? Looks in Jessie’s direction.)

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