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Put a Lid On It

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Have you ever opened a box of snack crackers and forgotten to clip it before putting it away?  If so, you know that when you grab a handful of crackers a couple of days later, they’re usually pretty stale and not very tasty.  The same concept holds true for your pet’s open bag of dry food if it isn’t stored in an airtight container.

An open pet food bag attracts creepy crawlers like mice and other pests.  Just like our stale snack crackers, your pet’s dry food will get stale if not stored properly.

So what is a good way to store dry pet food?  There are several plastic pet food options available, but check to be sure the plastic doesn’t contain BPA, since research has shown BPA can cause serious health problems.  If you have multiple pets that eat different foods and you’re short on storage space, there are stacking plastic containers available with screw type lids to keep food fresh and pest-free.

If you prefer a plastic free products, there are eco friendly options like jute containers with zipper closure.

Whatever one you choose, be sure it has a lid with an airtight closure to keep your pet’s kibble fresh and crunchy.  She’ll be glad you did!

Some material for this article from Tufts University Your Dog newsletter, February 2011


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