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Pure or Mixed Breed – How to Decide

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Bo, the inquisitive cat: When it comes to dog and cats, they fall into one of two categories:  purebreds or mixed breeds.  Bear in mind that the chief difference between the two is that purebred, due to their parents and ancestors before them, are all members of the same breed.  In short, they adhere to a breed standard, and, as a result, you stand a good chance of understanding their behaviors and physical characteristics.

With mixed breeds, the behavior, appearance, and size can also be predicted, as they are, after all, simply combinations of different breeds.

Do not confuse choosing a purebred with a guarantee of stellar health and temperament. In fact, when you obtain those “papers” from with the purchase of a purebred dog or cat, the only thing you are obtaining is the certification from the registry organizations of the reported lineage and identify of the animal.

Mixed breeds do come with distinct advantages.  Think about it:  when you adopt a  mixed breed, you are getting the best of more than one breed.  You are getting benefits from two or more different breeds all in one cute, adorable, and loving package!  Plus, mixed breeds are less likely to have a genetic defect that is common in certain purebred dogs and cats.

Edcuate yourself about the type of breed you desire. Learn as much about the breed, or breeds if you are going the mixed breed route, and figure out which type of pet best suits your lifestyle.  For example, a Labradoodle might not be a good fit for a small apartment dweller in the big city, and you may not want a Yorkie-Poo if you want a companion for your weekend hunting trips!

(This information was obtained through the web site of the Humane Society of  the United States.  Thanks!)


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