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Product Review: Leash Locket

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Leash LocketToday I’ll be reviewing the Leash Locket, a retractable leash in a locket so your dog can carry his leash sometimes!

Leash Locket comes in two sizes, small to fit dogs up to 55 lbs., and large to fit dogs up to 90 lbs.  A small magnetic attachment fits on the dog’s collar so that when you’re finished walking with them, the locket (also magnetized) goes on the collar and your dog is carrying his leash.

I was sent the small size.  Although the locket only weighs 2.5 ounces, it was too big and cumbersome for my dog, a toy poodle.  Toy breeds probably wouldn’t be a market for this product.

When trying to use the lock/unlock button, I had trouble getting it to work properly, it kept getting stuck.

The locket itself fits in your hand, so it isn’t as big and cumbersome as many retractable leashes, on the other hand, there’s no handle to grip.  I had an elderly client of mine try holding the locket, and she wasn’t able to hold it very well.  Another person with MS that  also has dexterity problems couldn’t hold it well either.  This could be a safety concern if a dog pulls or lunges.

On the plus side, a portion of the proceeds from sales of each LeashLocket goes toward helping abused and neglected pet nationwide.

Overall, this is a novel idea that may benefit from some design review/modification.  For more information on the LeashLocket, check out

I received the LeashLocket to review free of charge and received no compensation from the manufacturer.  All statements made here are my own.


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