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Preparing Your Pets for Holiday Visitors and Guests

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Bo, the sociable cat:  Okay, so you have Aunt Edna and Grandpa Herman coming over for the holidays.  You also have pets at home.  Will cranky Edna and grumpy Herman be able to tolerate your furry, four-legged companions?  Better yet, will your pets be able to tolerate THEM?

Some pets naturally take to visitors. After all, it’s a new lap upon which to sit, a new face to lick, and a new treat to potentially obtain from someone who is unfamiliar with the current treat rules of the house!  Other pets may exhibit varying behaviors as they greet visitors. Take our Yorkie-Poo buddy, Bolt.  If you are not careful, he will pee on you when you come through the door.  He can barely contain his enthusiasm, so to speak! His Wheaten Terrier roomie, Naismith, is a bit more aggressive.  He will bark incessantly and might even take a snap at you!

Be prepared for how your pet will react when that doorbell rings.  Keep those aggressive and fearful dogs in a quiet room, away from all the fuss, with fresh water and food at the ready.  It is also a good idea to brush up on their obedience manners, both for the pets and the guests.  Advise the guests of any problems concerning your pets and if you do not want Spot to have any nibbles from the table, let your guests know.  We don’t want Spot to develop annoying new habits simply because Cousin Robbie did not like his peas.

Also, advise your visitors that you do have a pet.  Some folks may have allergies, which could pose a problem.

If your pet simply cannot tolerate the extra commotion at this time of year, opt to have him stay at a friend’s home or even consider boarding your dog for a few days, or, for THE BEST alternative, contact Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services for the best care in the Kansas City area for your pet!  It is a great alternative to annoying Aunt Edna anyway! There is nothing better than a responsible and reliable pet sitter!

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