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Please let us use our sniff sense!

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Jessie, always on the trail for the right scent: Hey!  I have a little tip of the day when it comes to your lovable dogs.  In his book, “Dog Sense,” animal behavior expert John Bradshaw conveys some pretty interesting information about dogs, stressing understanding of our fine pets over trying to dominate them.  I like this suggestion:

When you are outdoors with your dog, please let him take the time to sniff around.  He is curious about everthing going on in the small world around him. In fact, the ritual of sniffing is probably a very important part of his day, a true highlight.  Just as you wouldn’t want someone to abruptly change the TV channel as you were watching it, your dog does not appreciate being pulled away from one of his favorite activities.

Go ahead, Rover!  Sniff away! It’s your birthright!


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