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Pets Are Worth It

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I recently started working with an elderly lady that moved here a couple of weeks ago. She is living in an assisted living community and has a canine roommate.

The lady isn’t very mobile (uses a walker), so it isn’t possible for her to walk the dog. That’s where I come in, walking the dog morning and evening. Those that aren’t “pet people” would question why she would have a pet, since she isn’t able to totally care for her dog.

What I see is that her dog is a companion, keeping her company in the quiet times when family isn’t around and there’s no one else to talk to about the day.

Pets are great company, they watch and listen, but never judge us. They can be a source of comfort in bad times, and are happy to celebrate good times with us.

“Just a dog”‘ “just a cat”……..nope, they’re a whole lot more!


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